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A little about me....

Brenda Giuseppin.jpg

Hi! I'm Brenda.
Wife, mother, portrait photographer, artist, graphic designer and serious tea lover--that's me!  I’m a country girl at heart, a little quirky, and stay up way too late retouching client images.  

I've had the privilege of expressing my gifts and talents in many different mediums in business over several decades. I've been a graphic designer for over 30 years and even owned and operated my own sign design and manufacturing shop.  Adding to those, I've also done mural painting, wood carving, and to express my adventurous side, even hung off transport trucks to letter them up!


As a young girl, I often gushed over the photography in fashion magazines . While my friends and sisters were interested in the fashion, makeup tutorials, or articles, I was studying the photographs.  And I still do that!  My passion for portrait photography has evolved into my present creative path to express my artistry through the lens of a camera.   


You can always expect a fun and stress-free experience with me as your photographer. I keep it laid back and easy for you to just be yourself and have some fun!

Creativity is my passion, and I’m truly dedicated to making sure your portrait experience is anything but ordinary!


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